How it works

  • Premium service at affordable rates

    We carry out complex repairs down to the component level.

  • Fast and easy service

    We provide a fast and fantastic service and make it as easy as possible, from booking your repair through to receiving your repaired Mac.

  • Fast turnaround with insured delivery

    Most repairs have a 1-5 working day turnaround, once confirmed depending on parts. We will despatch your Mac via a 24-hour service, with contents insured up to the value of £1,000 at no cost to you.

  • 6-month warranty on repairs

    We have you covered for up to 6 months.

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How do I get my Mac fixed?

  • You book it

    Enter your details in our easy to fill out online job booking form.

  • Prepare your device ready for collection

    Pack your device securely in its original box. Lookout for a collection documents in your email. Print and attach to your box and then let us know when the device is ready for collection.

    If you do not have your original Apple box, please choose the correct box for your device on the booking form and we will send an exact purpose made box to ensure protection from damage during transit.
    For your convenience, you can use one of hundreds of drop-off points across the UK up until 11pm.

  • We diagnose it

    You will be kept up to date throughout the process of us receiving your Macbook or iMac, right up until the point where we ship it out to you. If you have booked this for a diagnostic service or repair service, we will contact you before fixing this, to inform you of the cost in a no obligation quote.

  • We fix it

    We repair your device as agreed in our Quote Or if you cancel the repair your device will be shipped back FREE of charge.

  • We despatch it

    We will let you know once your Macbook or iMac has left us and send across the tracking details from one of our partnered couriers UPS or TNT.

Delivery information and conditions

In order to minimise effort on your behalf we offer two different methods of transportation, you can either arrange through us a collection from your home or place of work and you will be charged a small commitment fee of £12.95 which will be deducted off your final repair bill or REFUNDED IN FULL if you wish to cancel the repair, if you miss your collection time the collection fee is non-refundable, alternatively you can drop off at one of UPS Nation Wide Drop off points completely FREE No commitment Fee required, please select which option best suits you when booking your repair on our booking form.

In all cases adequate packaging is required, we will NOT open inspect or return a Desktop iMac in the incorrect packaging and you will have to arrange your own courier for collection. (We recommend original manufacturers packaging). If you do not have adequate packaging we can supply you via post the correct packaging for your Apple Mac, please select the correct box for you on our booking form.

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